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Olympic Games: The Flame Embarks on the Ocean Relay


As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Olympic Games, a remarkable journey begins with the Olympic flame embarking on its ocean relay. This symbolic voyage, rich in tradition and significance, marks the flame’s passage across seas, carrying the spirit of the Games to the host city. The Olympic flame will set sail from Brest to embark on an incredible journey: the “Relay of the Oceans.” From June 7 to 17, it will traverse five overseas territories located in three of the five oceans on the globe: in French Guiana (June 9), then on the islands of Réunion (June 12), French Polynesia (June 13), Guadeloupe (June 15), and Martinique (June 17).

Olympic Games: The Flame Embarks on the Ocean Relay

The ocean relay is a testament to the unifying power of the Olympics, bringing together nations and cultures in celebration of athletic excellence and international camaraderie. The flame, ignited in Olympia, Greece, travels across continents and oceans, bridging distances and inspiring millions. The Olympic flame’s ocean relay is more than a physical journey; it is a symbol of hope, unity, and the enduring legacy of the Olympic Games. As it travels across the waves, it carries with it the dreams and aspirations of athletes and the collective spirit of humanity, lighting the way to a celebration of global unity and sporting excellence.

The first steps of the Olympic Flame in the Overseas Territories welcomed the flame Relay in Camopi French Guiana and  presented us with spectacular landscapes!

A unique stage during the flame Relay in French Guiana! From Camopi to Cayenne, passing through Kourou, the people of French Guiana have enthusiastically granted the arrival of the Olympic Flame in the first Overseas Territory

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