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Black Music Month
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Celebrating Black Music Month in June

June marks the celebration of Black Music Month, a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring the profound impact of Black musicians, composers, and artists on the music industry and culture as a whole. This month-long observance highlights the rich history, diverse genres, and influential figures that have shaped the soundscape of the world. Origins of … Continued

Cannes Film Festival 2024 Designer Soro Bis
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Cannes Film Festival 2024:   Designer  Soro Bis, the Maestro of fashion

On May 23rd, the American Burkinabe stylist SORO BIS once again dazzled the public with his bold and colorful collection at the Cannes Film Festival. Seamlessly blending tradition with modernity, SORO BIS captivated the large audience with his innovative designs. His creations, celebrated for their originality and elegance, featured African fabrics and patterns reimagined with … Continued

Caribbean Music Awards in Brooklyn
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Caribbean Music Awards

The first-ever Caribbean Music Awards in Brooklyn are finally here. The time has come to celebrate and recognize the Caribbean’s best talent from around the world. Without a doubt, Caribbean music has impacted the global music scene for decades, influencing and inspiring countless artists across genres. From reggae’s laid-back grooves to soca’s frenzied rhythm, Dancehall’s … Continued