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Haitian star artist singer Mikaben dies at 41 on stage while performing in Paris


October 16th, 2022: what such a sad day to wake up and find out about the brutal death of one of the greatest Haitian artist Mikael Benjamin alias Mikaben on stage while performing in Paris during Carimi’s concert. He died from a heart attack. He was only 41 years, a talented and generous artist, one of the best of the Haitian artists’ generation.

At this time, we have a special thought for his pregnant wife Vanessa, his baby princess Leila and baby to come who won’t know their loving father and his son. we can’t even imagine the unbearable pain for his entire family, parents, friends, and fans. Dying on stage while performing is for some artists might be the best death however for those who stay, it is the most difficult experience to live. His death is a bitter reminder that the future does not belong to us, Tomorrow is not granted, so enjoy life like it was the last day. You are there today and gone the day after. We don’t have the control of our future. Only God has the final word. Our Sinceres condolences to his family, friends the Haitian community, Carimi band and all artists from the Carribean industry. A lot of courage and strength in this tough time. REST IN POWER Mikaben, a legend gone too soon but you will never be forgotten. A legend never dies. Thanks for everything, your passion, legacy, love and pride for your home country Haiti until your last breath with your flag.

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