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Miami premiere of the powerful Haitian film FREDA by Gessica Geneus


If you are around in Miami come out and participate in Miami Premiere “Freda”,  a film by haitian genius film director  Gessica Geneus On November, 12th. The event much anticipated is expecting to have a large audience from the haitian community but also international VIP guests.

The film, FREDA which won a special prize at the most recent Cannes Film Festival, explores some of the issues facing the people of Haiti today, and celebrates their strength. IT also brings the haitian community together around the world.

Set in contemporary Port-au-Prince,  in 2018 amid violent unrest, FREDA follows Freda, an outspoken young woman living with her mother and siblings in Port-au-Prince. Through Freda’s story, the film explores the difficulties facing the people of Haiti today, including sexual violence, gang violence, corruption, generational trauma and colorism. Freda tells the story of real, living and breathing women who not only have a will to survive, but also have dreams to thrive. The film centers the experience of its eponymous protagonist—a college-aged philosophy student—who is in an intimate relationship Yeshua, an artist. Yeshua is unmoored of the unequal power dynamics and political unrest that shapes daily life—so much so that he is pressed to leave and longs for Freda to accompany him.

While this plot line drives the action of the film, there are other threads explored, including gender-based violence in the forms of rape and domestic violence; class inequity; color consciousness; education; religion and migration. The film affirms that not only do Haitian women exist, but that their existence is replete with complexity and beauty. The film is haunting and glorious, gorgeous and heartbreaking. It is rendered to us through the unflinching eye of a Haitian director committed to truth-telling and dedicated to her people.

At this moment in Haitian history, while we sit at an urgent political crossroads, Freda simultaneously acknowledges our present challenge and quietly gestures toward a more hopeful future, one in which young women like Freda are not forced to choose between a life in Haiti and a life abroad. It is a future in which young people can still love, live, create and celebrate—despite the limits placed on daily life.

With the film Freda, Gessica Généus extends this tradition. She accomplishes an enormous feat by simultaneously conveying the pain and the beauty of this current moment.

The Miami VIP group producing this event is looking forward to seeing you and enjoy a wonderful time.

Please check out Freda trailer.

Alizé Utteryn
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