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Spot-light on NYC Live ! Fashion Week


On September 14, 2022 AlizéLaVie team was honored to attend « NYC Live !  Fashion Week » at the Mezzanine, Wall Street, New York.

This was the 14th edition of the company’s fashion show whose mission is to promote and celebrate fashion by highlighting designers and fashion houses who wish to present their new ready-to-wear and couture collections.  

NYC Live! @ Fashion Week introduced to us designers brand from various states in the United States of America and abroad including great diversity of genres, morphologies and skin colors. This event welcomed professionals from all walks of life, whether they are emerging or seasoned designers. They brought their talent to the forefront of fashion industry

Our team witnessed an event that lived up to our expectations, mixing eclectic, creative, ethnic and bold styles, orchestrated by professional models and embodying the cultural diversity of the fashion world. Many designers showcased their collections including: Indah Dwi Cahya (Indonesia), Ariyani Daeng Te’ne (Indonesia), Shekhar Rahate (Hollywood, USA), John Waller (Washington, USA), Elizabeth Carson Racker (Tampa, USA), Jean Francillon & Ilbert J. Sanchez (New-York, USA), Vaishali Vig (India, USA), Lisa L. Jack (Los Angeles, USA), Lisa Nicole (Atlanta, USA), Erik Castaño (Virginia Beach, USA), Ava Stringfellow (Miami, USA) and Pierre Paris (Paris, France). 

Among these artists, Pierre Paris made an impression by having a parade of diverse nationalities in a real highlighting dance, fashion and highlights futuristic universe. He featured high end jackets close to street art and urban culture. As the highlight of the event, he showcased a spectacular artistic show applauded and saluted by all participants. As a reminder, Pierre Paris is a French designer who regularly collaborates with French Rnb and Rap artists in order to create custom-made jackets with their effigy.

Moreover, Elizabeth Carson Racker lit up the runway with her sexy and unique “evening dress” collection. “Fashion, high quality and affordable clothing are main characteristics of my designs.” She described herself as womenwear Designer with a philosophy to always apply the highest standards of quality, creativity, honesty, and innovation. Continuous research allows me to stay in front of the latest trends while applying the highest standards of fabrication and constantly creating new and fresh silhouettes for the fashion forward woman.”

Finally, there is no doubt that Jean Francillon & Ilbert J. Sanchez’s presentation which company’s name is “Garçon Couture offered unique accessories and suits for men. This collection was their ode to timeless and priceless aspects of life: community, creativity and honor.” These two friends make us very proud with colorful suits tailored to each ages, morphologies. They are based on a classic, innovative and high quality product and communicate on the fact that “Each blue sole is a direct link to cultural wealth of our countries of origin and perseverance that runs through our veins”.

This event demonstrated designers’ professionalism but also, Michael Reid’s amazing work as producer talent manager and fashion show publicist. The emotion reached its climax when everyone sang happy birthday to Michael Reid. This one could not hold back his tears, especially since he lost his parents during Covid-19 pandemic a few months apart from each other. Despite this tragedy he was able to keep his optimism in adversity and create this breathtaking production. After his touching speech, the audience gave him a stand innovation. The designer Pierre Paris offered a customized jacket with the representation of his mother and a frame in her honor.

“NYC Live! @ Fashion Week”

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