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Cynthia A. Pratt Sworn In as 12th Governor General of the Bahamas


On a sunny and historic day in the Bahamas, Cynthia A. Pratt took her oath of office as the 12th Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas at Government House in Nassau. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone in the nation’s history, as Cynthia Pratt became the first woman to hold this prestigious position. The inauguration ceremony, held on September 1st was a moment of pride and celebration for the entire nation. She replaces Sir Cornelius A. Smith, who was the 11th Governor-General of The Bahamas from 2019 to 2023.

A Trailblazer in Bahamian Politics

Cynthia Pratt has a long and distinguished career in Bahamian politics. Born on April 5, 1945, in Nassau, she has dedicated her life to serving her country. Her journey in politics began in the early 1970s when she joined the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). She quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a Member of Parliament for St. Cecilia in 1985.

Throughout her political career, Cynthia Pratt was known for her dedication to the people of the Bahamas. Her commitment to public service and her tireless efforts to improve the lives of Bahamians earned her respect and admiration from colleagues and constituents alike. She served as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security under the leadership of Prime Minister Perry Christie from 2002 to 2007.

A Historic Moment

Cynthia Pratt’s appointment as the 12th Governor General of the Bahamas is not only a historic moment for her but also for the entire nation. As the first woman to hold this esteemed position, she has broken through a significant glass ceiling in Bahamian politics. Her inauguration reflects the progress and inclusivity of the Bahamas, as it sends a powerful message of empowerment to women and girls across the nation.

Prime Minister Philip E. Davis described Governor-General Pratt – someone who grew up in abject poverty, but had distinguished careers in both sports and politics – as an unparalleled nation-builder with a heart for the people.

Prime Minister Philip E. Davis and his wife, the first lady of The Bahamas

“While we often speak of her nurturing nature as the “mother” of a Nation, I also wish to emphasize her strength,” Prime Minister Davis said.  “You see, she isn’t just a comforter, she is also a defender of those who cannot defend themselves and there can be no mistaking her kindness for weakness.  Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt is a force of nature with a passion for people. Her own story is a testament to her resilience, but even as she relied on that strength to move forward and to overcome hardship, she also shared it to uplift the people around her.”

During the swearing-in ceremony

Cynthia Pratt expressed her deep gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Governor-General. She promised that during her tenure, she will look around and see where help is needed.

“Today, before all of you, I am turning a significant page in my own story as I set off on this new adventure with unwavering hope and determination and a profound commitment to continue to serve the people of our nation as I have during the years,”.

“We shall accomplish great things if we work together,” she said, as she called for good citizenry to achieve the best for all, particularly the young who should be encouraged to rise, those with special needs who can progress to give a positive contribution to nationhood and for older people who need an outstretched arm to help them live in dignity,

“Support the weak, lift up the fallen, “I pray that with the help of God, we shall together lift up our eyes to the rising sun and build up our nation in peace, love and joy.” Mrs Pratt she said during her address.

Symbol of Unity

The role of the Governor General in the Bahamas is primarily ceremonial, representing the Queen of the United Kingdom, who is the constitutional monarch. However, the Governor General also plays a crucial role in promoting national unity and cohesion. Cynthia Pratt’s appointment sends a clear message of unity in the Bahamas, as she is widely respected across party lines and is known for her ability to bridge political divides.

As Governor General, Cynthia Pratt will serve as a unifying figure, working to bring the diverse communities of the Bahamas together. Her experience in politics and her dedication to the country make her well-suited to this role.


Cynthia A. Pratt’s swearing-in as the 12th Governor General of the Bahamas is a historic moment that will be remembered for generations to come. Her appointment as the first woman to hold this office is a testament to her dedication to public service and her commitment to the people of the Bahamas. As she takes on this new role, Cynthia Pratt will undoubtedly continue to serve as an inspiration to all Bahamians, showing that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on their nation. Her tenure as Governor General promises to be marked by unity, inclusivity, and a continued dedication to the well-being of the Bahamas and its people.

By Alizé Utteryn


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